Save Rock and Roll (Fall Out Boy Album Review)


It’s time to find out what a hiatus spanning over four years has done to Fall Out Boy. Here I will go over every song on the album before an overall review at the end. The announcement of ‘Save Rock and Roll’ took many FOB fans by surprise (me being one of them) and got many exited over what kind of album would be released. Let’s see what they did…

The Phoenix: An amazing start to a song. A very effective use of strings in the background produce a really dramatic opening. The vocals are the best I have ever heard from Patrick Stump (Although his vocals on his solo album ‘Soul Punk’ show much improvement since the first reign of FOB). A very catchy and aggressive chorus make this a near perfect song. And what a note Stump hits at the end! Phenomenal! (9/10)

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light em Up): The great start to the album continues. It took me a couple of listens to get into this song, but the chorus get’s very addictive after a while. Again the vocals are stunning, and the music in general has a vibe that just screams at you ‘we are back’. (7/10)

Alone Together: A much less aggressive song than previous two. A fairly relaxed and appealing song which at time sounds a bit generic. Not a bad song though, just needed a bit more oomph to make it brilliant . (7/10)

Where Did the Party Go: An appealing vibe to the first few verses that seem to be building to an epic FOB chorus. Instead all I can hear is FOB doing an impression of Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. This song really disappoints me, extremely ‘pop’ like in places, almost to a cringe-worthy extent. This may seem fun and catchy to some however, so give it a listen or two to make your own mind up. (3/10)

Just One Yesterday (feat Foxes): A slow and uneventful start, although Stump’s vocals are very pleasant throughout. Then the Foxes contribute to the song; this is fine for pop music, but is that what FOB fans want? It seems that this song (along with last) are trying too hard to broaden FOB’s fan base. We want rock music! It’s not a bad pop song though. (5/10)

The Mighty Fall (feat Big Sean):  WHAT THE F*** is this SH**!! I really don’t know what to say. The album is called save rock and roll? Where are the F****** rock and roll songs? (1/10).

Miss Missing You:  I’ll try not to be too negatively bias after suffering from the extreme ear pollution provided by the last ‘song’. Okay… This doesn’t sound too bad. Quite soft and relaxed again which really contrasts the intense aggression in the first few songs. Overall, an average, delicate tune which certainly isn’t a bad song, just nothing special.  (6/10)

Death Valley: The vocals are again a huge boost for the song. This song sits half way between the high paced and energetic ‘The Pheonix’ and the generic pop qualities of ‘Where Did the Party Go’ so that’s what I’ll do with its score. Good enough to round up though I think. (7/10)

Young Volcanoes: I really, REALLY like this song. It’s so happy and fun! Very enjoyable to listen to, and although it’s a very soft song, it feels more rock-like than most of the more high tempo’s songs on this album. Similar vibe to an ‘Imagine Dragons’ or ‘Bastille’ song. (9/10)

Rat a Tat (feat Courtney Love): Oh dear… I have paused it 8 seconds in and I feel like that is enough to justify a 1/10. Nonetheless I will persist through, wish me luck…. Okay finished. Stump’s bits are okay, but what the hell where they thinking with Love’s bits. Just Awful. (2/10)

Save Rock and Roll (feat Elton John): The start is dramatic and emotional. Elton John adds some nice vocals, though it feels like an odd cameo. Is he in the song just for the sake of being able to add (feat Elton John) to the end of the title? An overly dramatic, but reasonably appealing song. It does sound like it may be a grower though so give it a chance. (6/10).

This was a very disappointing album for me, and this is coming from someone who has loved every FOB album to date. I thought I may love this album unconditionally given how much I like the previous work, but this wasn’t the case. Save Rock and Roll is worth a couple of listens all the way through to see if you can pick a couple of songs you’ll like. The Phoenix and Young Volcanoes are brilliant tracks and a few others are okay. However, what really drags down this album is the generic pop elements and the inclusion of collaborations which seem to beg for a different variety of fans. It’s embarrassing at times how ‘un-Fall Out Boy’ it is, which can be positive sometimes, ‘evolving your sound maybe’, but in this case it just doesn’t work. A cocktail of ingredients that do not belong together. Its rating is boosted only by a couple of sensational songs and a brilliant vocal performance from Stump. (5/10)



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